XAWR14: Session 2

February 8, 2014

In the second session of the Winter Retreat, Dr. Jim Bradford speaks on the value and dignity of work.


Court Durkalski: Work as Worship

April 15, 2013

Court Durkalski, CEO and Servant of Truline Industries, shares about how viewing work as worship can transform us into more effective servants of the Kingdom.


Wisdom is Wise and Folly Will Eat Your Lunch: Blue Collar Proverbs

January 22, 2013

Is work a spiritual issue? How are we to view work, and how should we work as people of the gospel? Find out what Proverbs has to say about these important issues!


Ralph Meloon: Working for Jesus

February 11, 2008

Ralph Meloon, a successful businessman and grandfather of Chi Alpha student Clay Abel, shares his insights.