Immersed: The Holy Spirit

November 30, 2018

Are the gifts of the Spirit for today? From the context of Paul's famous chapter on love, Sarah Fletcher shares on the importance of seeking the Spirit's gifts today in order to love others fully despite our weaknesses.


Things I Need to Be Reminded of Often: Forgiveness

April 18, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it means to forgive someone? Staff member Sarah Fletcher gives a sermon out of Matthew 18 and tells us what God's definition of forgiveness is.


Marked by the Cross: Humility-The True Source of Power

November 28, 2017

Our Marked by the Cross series continues as staff member Sarah Fletcher gives a message on Jesus's perfect example of humility and how this virtue frees us fom the tyranny of our desires for control and power.


It’s Not Complicated: Singleness

February 15, 2017

Sarah Fletcher shares on the myths and keys to health when it comes to singleness, and how singleness is a season in which we are meant to thrive in our relationships and walk with Jesus.



Gospel Operating System: Suffering

September 29, 2016

Often in life we find that reality doesn’t match our expectations. How do we deal with this fact when it comes to the issue of suffering? As Christians how does the Gospel affect the way we deal with suffering personally and in the world around us?



(Re)Framed: Forgiveness

November 16, 2015

What is forgiveness? Campus pastor Sarah Fletcher corrects our understanding of this crucial topic as she shares a parable that reframes our definition of forgiveness.


Vital Signs: Amos

April 15, 2013

What should be our response to a less fortunate and hurting world? God cares deeply about the brokenness of the world around us and spoke through Amos about the responsibility we have.