Winter Retreat 2018: Unshakeable- The Power and Integrity of the Promisemaker

February 15, 2018

Has some ever broken a promise that they made to you? Have you ever broken promise that you made to someone else? At the climax of Winter Retreat, Ouida Bradford preaches on the unshakeable nature of God's promise of eternal life, made possible through Jesus's sacrafice on the Cross.


Winter Retreat 2018: Unshakeable- The Promise of an Unshakeable God

February 12, 2018

Guest Speaker Ouida Bradford kicks off Winter Retreat 2018 by talking about how the World will shake us. However, she uses the examples of the faithful Old Testament saints recounted in Hebrews 11 to teach us that God promises us that He will make us unshakeable if we will only put our faith in Him.