Immersed: The Holy Spirit

November 30, 2018

Are the gifts of the Spirit for today? From the context of Paul's famous chapter on love, Sarah Fletcher shares on the importance of seeking the Spirit's gifts today in order to love others fully despite our weaknesses.


Immersed: Reality Check

September 11, 2018

Can you trust what you see? We all go through life with a set of beliefs that color everything with which we interact. In Corinth, the church has gotten off track and needs to be reminded by Paul of the key to seeing the world as it really is.


Things I Need to be Reminded of Often: The Supernatural is Natural

March 21, 2018

Sometimes we forget that we serve a God who operates outside of the rules of the natural world. Assisstant Director Josh Moran gives a sermon out of Acts 3 to remind us that the supernatural is natural.


Tim E.: Who is the Holy Spirit?

December 1, 2015

Guest speaker Tim E. demystifies the person and work of the Holy Spirit and encourages us to seek more of the Holy Spirit's transforming power and presence.


Build Your Kingdom Here Who is the Holy Spirit?

January 26, 2015

What comes to mind when you think of the Holy Spirit? A dove? Fire? This week Pete Bullette speaks on who Jesus says the Holy Spirit is in a message from John 14.


Syncing with Christ: The Holy Spirit

November 29, 2011

Campus pastor Pete Bullette gives an overview of the role and gifts of the Holy Spirit from 1 Corinthians 12-14.


Viral: When the Spirit Speaks

April 18, 2011

Campus Pastor Pete Bullette walks through several Holy Spirit-initiated episodes in the book of Acts, and talks about how we can discern the Spirit's voice.


Viral: Acts 2

March 21, 2011

Pete Bullette speaks on Acts 2 and talks about the essential element in making the gospel go viral: the Holy Spirit.