Amazed: Divine Pursuit

October 11, 2017

Do you ever wonder how much sin Jesus is able to forgive? Have you ever been curious about how He was (and still is) able to compel people to follow Him? Pete continues our Amazed series with a sermon on Jesus's pursuit of the Sick and ends with a powerful exhortation on how we should respond.


Amazed: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

August 29, 2017

This semester we are walking through the Gospel of Mark in our series Amazed. In moments of decision, at crossroads of life, will we choose to follow Jesus, or something else? Director Pete Bullette introduces the series with an account of Jesus' first followers who had to make a trajectory-setting decision.


XAWR13: Session 3

February 10, 2013

Pastor Brett Fuller shares from 1 Timothy on the importance of living rightly as disciples of Jesus.


XAWR13: Session 1

February 9, 2013

Pastor Brett Fuller of Grace Covenant Church kicks off the weekend by drawing a picture of discipleship from the story of Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus.


2011 Fall Retreat: Session 3

September 18, 2011

Dick Brogden teaches on the red, green, and white martyrdoms.


2011 Fall Retreat: Session 2

September 17, 2011

Dick Brogden teaches on the four deaths we must die to truly follow Christ.


Brett Fuller: Who’s a Disciple?

September 20, 2010

Pastor Brett Fuller shares a message on what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus.


Mark Batterson: The Cost of Following Jesus

March 1, 2010

Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., shares on how following Christ is costly, but that it is the greatest deal we can get.


2009 Fall Retreat: Session 3

September 26, 2009

Michael Mowry speaks about the cost of following Jesus.