XAWR18: Dead to Self, Alive to Jesus

October 1, 2018

Why are you alive to Jesus? The answer is that someone before you chose to live like Stephen. Chi Alpha National Training Director, Alex Rodriguez, kicks off the weekend with a study of the life of Stephen and calls us to live a life of Real Responsibility.


Things I Need to be Reminded of Often: The Supernatural is Natural

March 21, 2018

Sometimes we forget that we serve a God who operates outside of the rules of the natural world. Assisstant Director Josh Moran gives a sermon out of Acts 3 to remind us that the supernatural is natural.


Viral: Voices of the Class

May 2, 2011

Several Fourth Year students share how they have been impacted by Chi Alpha during their time at UVA and Pete Bullette closes out the semester.


Viral: Living for the Kingdom

April 25, 2011

Campus Pastor Pete Bullette takes a look at the stories of persecution in the book of Acts, and shares on the necessity of placing the Kingdom above our comfort.


Viral: When the Spirit Speaks

April 18, 2011

Campus Pastor Pete Bullette walks through several Holy Spirit-initiated episodes in the book of Acts, and talks about how we can discern the Spirit's voice.


Viral: Whose Chariot Are You Running Beside?

April 4, 2011

XA staff worker Josh Fairchild speaks on the topic of evangelism from the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.


Viral: Paul Ai

March 28, 2011

Paul Ai shares his incredible story of how as a witch doctor in Vietnam God transformed his life and is using him now to make the gospel go viral in Vietnam.


Viral: Acts 2

March 21, 2011

Pete Bullette speaks on Acts 2 and talks about the essential element in making the gospel go viral: the Holy Spirit.


Viral: Stories from the Field

March 14, 2011

Several Chi Alpha students share about their Spring Break mission trip experiences, and Campus Pastor Pete Bullette shares from his heart on the importance of being a missions-minded fellowship.


Viral: Acts 1

February 28, 2011

Josh Moran opens the Viral series, a walk through the book of Acts, with a look at Jesus' final words to his disciples.