Gospel Operating System: Suffering

September 29, 2016

Often in life we find that reality doesn’t match our expectations. How do we deal with this fact when it comes to the issue of suffering? As Christians how does the Gospel affect the way we deal with suffering personally and in the world around us?



Gospel Operating System: Status Upgrade

September 20, 2016

Our culture is obsessed with measuring status in various ways, and as Christians, we can fall into the same trap. The Gospel Operating System offers a status upgrade, but not in the way you may think



One Thing U.Va. Will Not Teach You

September 13, 2016

Professor Elzinga shares on a subject that is not taught in any class, in any department at U.Va., but is essential to our lives as followers as Jesus.



Gospel Operating System: Two Truths

September 6, 2016

This week we continue in our series through the book of Romans by looking at two fundamental truths that are essential for understanding the gospel.